Boise wedding photographer John Baker

Boise wedding photographer John Baker




As your location is probably other than Idaho, you should know my fees for out-of-state wedding photography which are in addition to my wedding photography rates.

If after viewing my work and pricing you feel that it would be a viable option to pay my expenses and overnight fee to your location, please get in touch in regard to availability.

I am aware that rates in some larger cities are considerably more than Boise, Idaho, in many cases, but in the end I'm sure you would want a quality photographic experience which is where I feel I can excel for you. I cut no corners as I travel with my studio lights digital, 35mm and medium format cameras etcetera.

My fee is $500 per overnight on top of the wedding price option you choose from the wedding pricing options page, plus all expenses incurred at cost. 

Customarily I feel it necessary to arrive the day prior to your wedding unless you have an evening ceremony on the west coast, in which case I would arrive at midday and depart the following day if the last flight has left. All such fees are payable in advance.

You can find details regarding myself here, and if you have questions or wish to secure my services for your wedding day, please get in touch.

Warmest regards,


John Baker, Photographer
P.O. Box 2434, Eagle, Idaho, 83616




John Baker Photographer of Boise, Idaho

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