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For those of you organizing a convention, reunion or want a guest speaker for your Club or Society, you may find my multi-image dissolve presentations to be a striking and refreshing breath of fresh air. The series of 60 plus short programs - from which a selection is screened to suit each audience - are collectively titled 'Visual Journeys'.

I was a member of the Deudraeth Camera Club in Wales back in 1979 when I decided to take 'slide/sound' by the scruff of the neck and turn it into an art-form. The creation of 'third images' is a stunning effect, and has led to repeat bookings and presentations in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, California, Rhode Island, New York, Michigan, Illinois, British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, plus Wales in the United Kingdom.

Through the medium of several 2 projector programs with words, stereo music and carefully edited image dissolving, I zigzag our world via my own unique perspective . . . and humor!  [more below under 'About Visual Journeys']

Having been based in Idaho since 1985 - originally the McCall region and now Boise - the State of Idaho figures extensively, then there's Washington, California, Yellowstone and Tetons, Canadian Rockies, Nova Scotia and destinations in Europe, and New Zealand, South America etcetera. The repertoire also includes short vignettes relating to the metamorphosis of the Dragonfly, the flight of birds, inspirational themes, natural history and the ocean etcetera.  [more below]

Conventions, service clubs, schools, churches and camera clubs etcetera.

I also compile digital and slide presentations for Companies large and small. To request a quote for such work, go here.


[from the 'Cable Release' Newsletter,
of South Shore Camera Club, Long Island, New York]

John Baker traveled from Boise, Idaho recently to present his fabulous 'Visual Journeys' program to our members. Those who saw it were treated to a unique experience.

In his multi-projector show set to music, John used a 'dissolve' method whereby one slide lingered on the screen while the second slide was superimposed to create a 'third image'.

This coupling of the two images was well thought out and visually thrilling. A row of Canadian Mounties on horseback dissolved into lines of Aspen trees. Rows of round-faced Welsh students at their school desks slowly appeared from out of the blackness behind a section of fence and 'captive' Oak leaf, and ultimately faded into the next slide of pipe circles stacked at the side of the road. John's show was not 'just' a travelogue, but a true visual journey. 'Still Life on the Run' opened the program with images of everyday objects such as pencils and paper clips etcetera.
How many noticed that all the slides were in a horizontal format and were un-cropped? It made for easy viewing. John, thank you for sharing your visions and stimulating ours!

Roz Rozenblum
South Shore Camera Club
Long Island, New York



The series of 60 plus short and 'dreamy' multi-image dissolve programs are collectively titled 'Visual Journeys', and since 1981, many, many presentations have been made in the UK, Canada, USA and on some photo trips. 

Those directly photographically biased include 'Still Life on the Run' and Every Which Way'. 

The travel related items include 'An English Essay', 'Interpretations of Yellowstone', 'New Zealand - Land of the long white cloud', 'Canadian Mountain Vision',  'Ireland', 'Idaho, a Winter's Tale', 'Nova Scotia', 'Image de California' and many more.

Among the natural history titles are 'Tapestry', 'Emergence' [Dragonfly], 'Flight', 'The Water's Edge' and 'Will of the Wind'.

Miscellaneous items include 'Ascent', 'Time', 'Blue Guitar', 'Wild West Hero', 'Pebble in the Sand', 'Days are Numbers', 'Rest my Weary Eyes' and others.

Rather than one long program, 'Visual Journeys' is a series of short vignettes that enable the viewer to 'travel' to many places during the course of a presentation.  The shortest piece is 3 minutes and the longest is 18 minutes.  The average length of each piece is approximately 8 minutes.

Presentation length is at your discretion, but 45 to 75 minutes is sufficient time to screen a variety of subjects.  At many conventions I have been called upon to run one program, then after something else on the agenda, run another and so on.

My approach to these multi-image work is very much an artistic one, with slowly dissolving images overlapping and creating what I describe as a 'third image'.  Shadow areas in an image are the spot from whence the next image on the screen will emerge.  I think you'll find them quite stunning too.



To secure a presentation date, please get in touch via one of the following methods;

  phone:   [208] 559-8248
  e-mail:   E-mail
  mail:   P. O. Box 939, Middleton, Idaho 83644

I provide my own sound and projection equipment . . . you only need provide a 'current bush' to plug into !



+  For educational institutions, Churches and non-profit organizations the fee is travel expenses only.

+  For conventions or other business events the rates are $350 plus travel expenses, dependent upon location.

+  If you're interested in having me give a lecture, workshop or seminar, please get in touch to discuss how I can customize my presentation to suit your particular needs.




Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Nampa, Idaho photographer: Commercial, Industrial and library image photographer, plus graphic design

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