Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Nampa, Idaho photographer: Commercial, Industrial and library image photographer, plus graphic design

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The choice of photographer is a very important decision, and the one you choose should . . .

  • Score A's or 100% with every assignment.  There is no room for errors.

  • Have plenty of experience in all types of situations

  • Be concerned about light, and have studio lights for indoor, and fill-in reflectors or flash for outdoor photography.  No direct flash indoors except when it is the only practical option

  • Be compositionally aware

  • Be creative, artistic and practical, while also doing the simple things really well

  • Be able to relax people, while getting their full attention

  • Be good a good communicator, and able to handle people and difficult situations with an even temperament and humor at all times

  • Be flexible and able to adapt to changing situations, and be a 'can do' person

  • Be adept with all photographic formats.  This means medium and large format cameras plus high resolution digital photography

  • Offer pricing options, and give good value for money without sacrificing quality in any way

  • Be honest, sincere, and trustworthy

 John stands solidly by the above, and here is some more info about him . . .

Since 1978 John has delved into the many aspects of photography and is adept at creating something unique from everyday situations. Sometimes this may just mean that an image is sharp, properly exposed, and well-composed, so it is often about doing the simple things well. Really well.  This is why John is often asked to put on photographic presentations for seminars and Camera Clubs across the United States.

Again, one has to record the simple, well, but when John suggests to a bride and groom that they slip off their shoes to walk around the edge of a lake, he knows that those are the images that are going to make a lasting impression on the couple and their family and friends. He looks at it this way, when the ceremony is over the only two 'items' are remaining . . . the couple who are of number one importance, and the photographs. Therefore it is a major and privileged responsibility to be called upon to photograph a wedding or record a treasured product faithfully.

Let's face it, we're all 'value-conscious', so choices such 'all inclusive' fees, 'a la carte' pricing, or all-inclusive quotes in the case of commercial photography are offered.  Above all, combined with sensitive photography, the bottom line is value for money without sacrificing quality in any way.

His digital equipment is state-of-the-art and he can accomplish very fast delivery electronically via e-mail or burn work to CD's. See samples of his digital manipulations here.

He believes that integrity emanates from the very heart of a person, and [should] touch all things one is involved in. For John, this is also based solidly in spiritual values which will be reflected in attitude, care shown, and a general 'can do' disposition.

You will have noticed that John is certainly not a one-subject photo specialist. He is a photographer in every sense of the word, and his experience in many photographic fields gives him insights, perspectives and solutions in all the photographic situations he finds himself in.

In other words, in John you'll get a wealth of experience, true artistry, and someone who is very easy to work with indeed.  




Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Nampa, Idaho photographer: Commercial, Industrial and library image photographer, plus graphic design

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